Penalties for violating sovereign runet law approved in first reading

On December 24, State Duma deputies approved in the first reading a bill establishing fines for non-compliance with the requirements of the so-called law on the isolation of runet.

The document introduces administrative responsibility for telecom operators and owners Bitcoin Lifestyle of traffic exchange points who refuse to provide to Roskomnadzor full information on numbers and network addresses of their autonomous systems, on locations of communication facilities connected to communication lines outside Russia, on routes of telecommunication messages and on network infrastructure.

The proposed amounts of fines depending on the administrative offence for legal entities, for example, range from 20,000 to 700,000 roubles. In some cases, administrative suspension of activities is possible.

For a repeat violation, the bill would impose fines for legal entities ranging from 60,000 to 1 million rubles.

During the discussion, the authors of the amendments implicitly acknowledged that, more than a year and a half after its adoption, the Sovereign Runet law has still not worked.

To recap, the sovereign runet law came into force on 1 November 2019.

The provisions of the law provide for the creation of a national system for routing Internet traffic, effectively locking it within the country. To implement the law, Internet service providers must install deep traffic filtering (DPI) equipment in their networks at the government’s expense.