Crypto influencers: 5 people making the news this week

Elon Musk pleads for Dogecoin to become less centralized.

Lindsay Lohan sells her NFTs for charity.

YouTube star denounces TRON’s shady tactics.

This week, we take another look at the top five players in the cryptocurrency world and their impact on the news and the markets for the week of February 13-19.

The second week of February was filled with a lot of news, cryptocurrency moves, and of course a bit of suspense here and there. Bitcoin Machine examines the impact of crypto influencers on the news, and what they have had to say.

As the market continues to show bullish momentum, crypto influencers seem to be dominating the news with their opinions, views, and commentary. Everyone has an opinion. Some are good, some are bad, and some are neither.

Among the five people making waves this week are Elon Musk , an actress, an extremely wealthy Mexican businessman, a Reddit co-founder and a YouTube star. For starters, this is none other than the King of DOGE himself.

Elon Musk

Billionaire and Tesla founder Elon Musk is back on the list after his comment on Dogecoin (DOGE). If you thought the richest man in the world was done talking about DOGE, you were wrong.

Musk tweeted about Dogecoin, claiming once again that the project is too centralized . In a recent tweet storm, Musk said the concentration of Dogecoin among whales was too high.

The founder of Tesla even said that if the whales sell their tokens, he would fully support the DOGE.

Musk added that he would pay the whales to liquidate their Dogecoin stocks. Musk had also previously stated that he purchased a fair amount of DOGE for his son. He aptly called the child “toddler hodler”.

Musk has played a big role in the popularity of Dogecoin in recent weeks and seems to have a strange attraction to this project which has never been taken seriously. Perhaps Musk sees the value of a project that is absolutely decentralized and not run by anyone, with the founder having sold everything years ago. There may be something there.

Lindsay Lohan

Who knew that the American actress, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and TV personality would make the list of the five most influential people in crypto this week? It is however the case. Lindsay Lohan is on this list for her recent commentary on the crypto market.

It looks like the celebrity has just figured out what cryptocurrency is or actively advertised it. While hard to say, his promotion of Justin Sun’s plans seems rather shady.

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